• Jade Alexander

2020 and evoking the inner Peppered Moth

An odd topic, I know but stick with me on this one. When I was a sophomore at CSU, one of the classes I took studied the evolution of the Peppered Moth.

What made this significant was the moth's ability to adapt and modify it's phenotype in such a dramatic way so quickly.

The Peppered moth (at the top of image on the right) had a light white spotted pattern, before the English Industrial Revolution. This animal (yes insects are in fact animals. Specifically arthropods but we can talk about that on a different day) was perfectly camouflaged against the tree bark and was able to hid from various birds of the region. Due to the amount of pollution from the near by factories, the trees in the surrounding areas turned a dark charcoal color. The Peppered Moth then became an easy target for birds to find and pick off.

What was amazing about this entire change was that some of the Peppered Moths became darker and better able to hid themselves amongst the trees as they had done before. Look at the picture again, do you see the other moth?

Be honest with yourself, which one did you see first? The lighter Moth or the darker one?

So why am I bringing this up now? Well, the simple fact is our environment in 2020 has changed dramatically as well. Many of us were solid in our businesses. We were at the point of hiring new team members to help with our ever growing videography company.

Then, everything seemed to change within weeks. People were suffering with scarcity, social abandonment, loss of income and death; Covid-19 is our version of the English Industrial Revolution, and we are the Moths.

So how are we changing and adapting for survival? I did something that made me totally uncomfortable and I have been putting off for years. I created an online class to teach other business owners, who don't have the skills they need to create professional looking videos. The sad fact is, if your videos don't look good...people don't want to buy from you. It's tragic for so many business owners who have spent decades honing their craft, and they don't have the skills of a professional videographer. Yet, in this day and age; it's a social expectation.

I wanted them to have the best start they could possibly have to showing their customers that:

  • yes, they are still open and how you can buy their goods and services

  • yes they are taking precautions and doing social distancing

  • and yes please come and support their local business through such trying times

The trouble with all of that for me was simple. I have spent years behind the camera and never in front of it unless I absolutely had to. It's true, that most videographers are not great on the other side of the lens. Ironic right? That's why I put off such a project for so long.

Now, I didn't have a choice. I had to morph into something different, to blend in better with my tree and hid from predators. To say the least, it wasn't easy. I was scarce on resources, income and worst of all confidence. It was probably one of the hardest things I have ever done; and that includes graduation from college with a 3.8 gpa while working full time developing my videography business.

What did I have going for me? My extensive knowledge of the subject, and the desire to survive.

Success isn't necessarily measured by monthly projections and reaching financial goals, although it is very important to have those things going in your favor. At times like this...it's simply surviving long enough. We can do this together, we can survive this changing environment and become something different. All we need to do now, is just make it to tomorrow.

Stay safe out there everyone...

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