• Jade Alexander

How authenticity on social media saved our business

"We went from attracting all the wrong clients, to attracting our perfect VIP clients on a regular basis!"

I'm sure you have heard it over and over again, "Just be yourself!" but do we really? I know for us, that wasn't the case when we first waded into the business world.

As the Co-Owner, I knew who I was, I knew the values of our company and more than anything I knew who we wanted to serve. So why was it so hard to break out of this shell and just "Be Myself"? The answer is simple, no one on my team wanted to be rejected.

As a company wanted to fit in, we didn't want to break the mold. We were afraid to stand out too much, to be an outlier rather than included with the rest.

We wanted to look and act like everyone expected us to. So what happened? Nothing.

We didn't attract many customers, and the ones we did...were a really bad fit. It was a struggle and a sad start to our journey.

So what did we do wrong? Our brand, our social media everything we were putting out was not the authentic side of our business.

People didn't even know what we did as a business! From this just this photo (on the right), can you blame them? This photo was first thing people saw. It's a pretty photo, we look nice and professional. However, it didn't do the one thing we really needed it to do. Show what we did, and tell people what we were like. We weren't different, recognizable or even interesting. We didn't just blend in, we faded into the background. Out of sight and out of mind.

Until, we met a business coach (Gary Barnes) and a social media expert (Hollie Clere) who really opened our eyes to what we were missing.

"We learned that it really wasn't anything we had to change as far as our products, services, or even our pricing were concerned. We just had to let our prospects see who we REALLY were."

As an introvert, this idea was terrifying. Out company wanted to always show off the perfect, professional, polished versions of ourselves. It turns out, that's not what our prospects wanted to see. They wanted to get to know the real us. Our future clients wanted to know who they were working with, were we a good fit for them, if we were trustworthy.

So with the help of our amazing coaches and an extra dose of much needed bravery...we changed our social media strategy and our branding. We let the world see that we were videographers (could you tell from the above photo?) and that we were approachable, trustworthy and fun to work with!

(#authenticity #authenticbusiness #authenticityequalssales)

"Over night...our income quadrupled and quality clients found us!"

The best part of it all (not that four times the income and awesome clients wasn't amazing enough) we weren't constantly stressing about being perfect 100% of the time. For me, it was such a relief to let go, and just who I was on the inside.

Now when I go to post our on our social media, it's easy. I can create posts about what it's really like to work with us on a shoot. We share the successes, the outtakes, the inside jokes and of course the things that matter to us. Our mission, our code of ethics, our methodology and of course...our authenticity.

I know what it's like to be afraid to jump into the spotlight and hope that you won't be rejected. I know how taxing it is to try and be what someone else wants you to be, and how harmful it is in the end. I know first hand how difficult it is to strip away that outer protective shell and let this vast business world see you for who you really are.

If you take anything away from this article, hold onto this:

"Never be afraid to show your future clients who you really are. It will weed out the horrible prospects and make room for your perfect VIPs. You will be happier, healthier and true to your authentic self." ~Jade Alexander

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