• Jade Alexander

We have a podcast!

It's true, we have a podcast. There are a variety of powerful interviews designed for business owners, to get better results on film.

Why did a camera shy person like me start a podcast? Well I realized that, I am personal friends with a ton of professionals who are the top of their field; and I was exposed to all of this amazing information as we casually chatted. Then the thought came to mind, let's capture these amazing talks and share them with the world.

“So here I am, a camera shy creative recording a podcast series. Here's what I had to remember, it's not about me; it's about what the audience is learning.”

I looked through my online curriculum that I have scheduled each month and there it was, the topics I was covering I had the perfect list for guests.

Each month, we are tackling a new topic!

There's the plan, I will be interviewing a professional at the top of their game about what they do best. The interviews are designed to be focus, and of course fun. The goal is to provide as much content as possible in 30 minutes for our audience. We want to give back, the stronger our community of entrepreneurs; the better the world will be. So let's stick together and create the change we want to see (#smallbusiness #buylocal #entreprenuers #dream #influencingoncamera).

Our podcast are released on the 14th of every month on 27 different podcast listening options. Pick your favorite (Spotify, iHeartRadio, iTunes etc.) if you don't have one in mind click this link to our direct podcast channel: https://influencingoncamera.podbean.com.

Yes, I'm camera shy and yes it's probably the hardest part of my work. But, it's okay to be nervous on camera...because it's not about me; it's about what the audience is learning. See you on the 14th!

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